Bummis, Snappi's, Cloth!

It's been five days since my daughter was born. I have fallen head over heels for my daughter and who would have guessed that I would love using cloth diapers as well? When my son was in diapers it seemed so easy to change him, throw away the diaper, and put on a new one. The convenience was there but the cost was up the roof. Now, I know that this is normal and I'm not one to complain about this but it seems that cloth diapers, in the long run, will save me a lot of money. This I like. I dig the fact that I can change my daughter, throw the dirty one in a wet bag and wash it later. My wife and I have changed several of her diapers and it's a snap! Any fear I had in using cloth diapers are gone. The first couple changes were an epic fail but I am now a pro. One of the first dirty diapers I changed at home that fell under the FAIL category came with some poo on my hand. Lola was fussing and kicking her legs and I was battling with the Snappi. I was trying to do it fast so that I could pick her up and once I got it, I wanted to do a backflip because I did it so fast. Before I could pick her up though, my wife pointed something out.



"You have something on your hand."

I looked down to see some poo and I went from cloud nine to egg on my face.

"Well...I'm glad we were not having Guacamole or I might have eaten it with a chip", I said to my wife.

I received the popular eye roll from my wife but after that I have been careful to not get anything on me but if you have kids you know this will definitely happen again. In fact I'm sure it will happen again. When my son was younger I remember he and I were playing in the kitchen and I was holding him while my wife vacuumed the living room. At one point his face was all red and I felt something warm on my forearm. I moved him away from me and revealed the dreaded blowout.


"What Rich!?"


"Ok! Do you want me to clean you off and you can clean him then?"

"OH! Yeah, I'll clean it myself."

That was a pretty bad blowout but so far we have not experienced one blowout with cloth diapers. I have changed some pretty bad diapers too but no blowouts. We'll see if anything happens later on though. From what I have been told from other mom's of the cloth, they have never experienced the dreaded blowout. I'm definitely enjoying cloth diapers and if we decide later on to have another child we will be using cloth. We have many pre-folds and awesome looking covers. Right now, Bummis are our cover of choice but maybe it will change in the future. This post is only the beginning. The Diaper Wars Saga will continue for a long time. I'm sure there will be many funny stories to come and if you have any stories, please feel free to comment and share. Thanks to EcoBuns for the awesome products and, May the cloth be with you!