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Since the birth of the Within the Trenches podcast in 2013 the eyes and ears of the public, along with others in public safety, have been opened to what 9-1-1 dispatchers deal with on a daily basis. The power of story has propelled the dispatch world into the spotlight. Dispatchers from the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia have shared their experience as the most vital piece of public safety. The podcast is on the verge of hitting a milestone of 1 million downloads combined with a global listenership. Add the power of the #IAM911 movement and Imagine Listening and you have a powerhouse brand promoting the hard work, stress, humor and professionalism that can only come from within the trenches of 9-1-1.

As the podcast comes up on its sixth year it has no plans on stopping. So this is your chance to share your story. How did you decide to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher? What was it like for you in the beginning. If you could tell your family or the public one thing about what you do as a
9-1-1 dispatcher, what would it be? Join me as we change the public safety industry and the public perception of dispatch with the power of storytelling. YOUR stories matter and they deserve to be told. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast please fill out the form below. Thank you for everything you do and keep broadcasting your message.

-- Ricardo, Creator/Host of Within the Trenches Podcast and Founder/#IAM911 Movement