Below you will find videos that highlight the Within the Trenches podcast, Project #IAM911, class projects that involved public safety and the #IAM911 Movement. New videos will be added as they become available. 


behind the mic: stories from the trenches

This is the video that started it all. During my Bachelor's of Science in graphic design I had an assignment where I needed to create a digital story. What came out is the earliest version of what is now known as, Within the Trenches. 

the #iam911 movement

***Warning*** The following stories may be considered disturbing. If you suffer from PTSD or may have suicidal tendencies, this could be a trigger. Please watch at your own risk. The stories here are all real. The public's worst day is every day for 9-1-1 dispatchers everywhere.

Project #Iam911

Humanizing the voice within the trenches of 9-1-1 and revealing the heroes behind the #IAM911 movement. Please watch and share.


I'm only human

We administer CPR instructions, call pursuits, listen to shots fired, last breaths, and first cries. We are the nameless, faceless, first first-responders. Video created by WTTP FB Page Admin Shae. Music credit and all rights to the song "Human" belong to Rag'n'Bone Man.


Within the trenches ep 18

This week both Whitney and I have been battling some health issues but my minor cold and Whit's ear were unable to hold us back. On this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing none other than the very popular KMK of Diary of a Mad Dispatcher. KMK shared some awesome stories from her dispatch career including her very first 9-1-1 call and another call from a drunk who called in saying that he had fallen off a cliff but what he didn't realize was that there are no cliffs in the area he was in.

My final radio transmission

This is my sign-off at the end of my final shift in dispatch back in 2013. Thank you for the many years of stories. Thank you to Whitney for recording this for me and to my entire Allegan County Central Dispatch family. I will never forget you! 


within the trenches ep 43

In this episode we visit with our good friend Matt who is a local police officer and discuss ridiculous phone calls. This was such a fun episode to record. We were in the quiet room of Allegan County Central Dispatch and it made for a good studio that day. This is definitely an episode you do not want to miss.


emergency services series - dispatch

An installment in the Emergency Services Series that I have been working on. This story features 9-1-1 Operator Whitney Wilson of Allegan County Central Dispatch. (This was an assignment during my Master's in New Media Journalism.)


about me

This is a video...about me. I created this video for a class project back in 2012. It says a lot about me in a short time and captures where everything started. It's funny to watch this sometimes because I remember exactly what I was doing while recording each scene and I was scrambling to finish this project. Check it out and learn a little more about me.