Maddie Larkin - Letters From My Cold Heart

There comes a time when one realizes the power of music. Our lives revolve around it. Music can tug at our emotional strings, influence how we feel, and pinpoint a specific memory from our past. I for one can recall a memory with a song and explain in detail what was going on just by hearing that one song. It’s interesting how we can do this. We relate our memories and experiences in life with music. To me it’s rather therapeutic. Life continues to change. Change can include new musical types that are added to our evolving musical taste. Recently I have added more and more Country music to my ever-evolving musical palette. I have begun to relate moments in my life to the likes of Trace Adkins, Rodney Atkins, and Maddie Larkin. The third artist is an up and coming Country singer/song writer that I had the privilege to listen to. She recently released her debut album, “Letters From My Cold Heart” and I’m impressed. From the sound of Maddie’s voice, to her lyrics, and the entire band behind her, I was impressed.

What struck a chord with me the most was how much I was able to relate to her. My love for writing comes from my life experiences and those around me. For Maddie Larkin though, her gift for writing was first revealed in a life-changing event. In her own words,

"My gift of writing was revealed at age twelve after a devastating back injury ended my hopes of being an elite gymnast. In order to express the pain I was experiencing and the frustration of not being heard, I began pouring myself into writing lyrics."

It’s interesting how it takes a life altering experience like this to find out what we are made of and what our calling is. I believe we can all relate with Maddie as we think back to a time where instead of giving up, we fought back and won. Driven to succeed, Maddie taught herself to play the piano, guitar, and ukulele. Her passion for music and lyrics is easily heard throughout her music.  From the anthem of “Give It Up” to the ballad of “Summer Star”, “Letters From My Cold Heart” is a musical success that anyone can relate to and reflect.  The combination of life and music is where we can compare to Maddie Larkin. Where we have many gifts in life, Maddie’s gift is music.

"I discovered what I am called to do. Music is me."

- Maddie Larkin

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