The sushi of old and liquid of television

Many things have contributed to my love for writing and designing. Music puts me in the mood to do what I do. The story lines in certain movies get my creative juices flowing and cartoons take me to the fantasy world that is my child like imagination. It truly helps to inspire me. Out of everything though, I have to say that two shows affected me the most. The shows aired on MTV back when they actually paid attention to music. It was in the early 90's and every now and then MTV would air a couple segments over the weekend called Liquid Television and Cartoon Sushi. The shows highlighted interesting and obscure animated shorts. The work highlighted on both shows were a mind-gasm and were epic! The shorts included Beavis and Butt-head, Aeon Flux, Dog-Boy, and Stick Figure Theater. These are just a few of the funny and crazy skits. The segments were so good that they spawned off another show on MTV called, "The Oddities". It included, The Maxx, The Head, and more. Had it not been for these cartoons, I might not have kept up with my fascination of art and design. Now with all of this said, there was one animated short that stuck with me. I only saw it once and that's all I needed. From what I can remember, the short featured a man who was crawling on a road with a rock chained to his ankle. On top of the rock was some sort of demon who heckled as the man dragged and pulled himself along the roadway. It was all done in a sketch art type of animation and it's superb! When I saw it back then, I didn't know what was going on. The rock just heckled the troubled man as he struggled to drag himself and the rock on the road. There were two or three of these and it finally made sense at the end. The man is coming up to a glass of water and as he reaches for it he spills it. He goes mad and begins to push the rock to the side of the road but stops. The demon tells him that it will be ok and to keep going. He says that he was told that as soon as he gets to the end of the road he will be done. The man continues on down the road and the camera zooms out. This is when reality kicks in and reveals that the road is actually a figure eight. The man will never end his journey because he is stuck for an eternity. To me this is genius and I love how the animated short was done. It has helped inspire my stories with the twist at the end and the design I have been blessed to accomplish. I just wanted to give a big thanks to those who inspire me every day and for the animated short, "Pariah - The Red Man" from Cartoon Sushi. For years I have searched for the name of it and a video. I now have it and it's below for your pleasure.