Bye, bye...for now.

As I prayed to the Porcelain God yesterday morning, I thought about my family and the fact that I have a daughter that will be born in about 5 1/2 weeks. I need to get my shit together. I was going to wait until mid-August to stop drinking for a while but I'm going to stop today. I can't take the chance of my wife going into labor early and me being two beers into a party or cookout or something. That's not going to happen! I'm scared as it is and this would just make things worse. So, it's time to say good bye. I need to focus on the baby and my family. 5 1/2 weeks are going to come and go before I know it. If it goes the way it did last time I am going to be a fool running around with bags while my wife is watching me and laughing and I simply need to be focused. So here it is. I'm putting away the fun for a while. I'm trading in the brew for some cloth diapers, baby girl clothes, and....holy crap! I'm looking at my surround sound system and everything needs to be bubble wrapped and child proofed or my precious electronics will be destroyed. Yep, its been too long since a baby has been around here. Well...that is ours. So long to my sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. I will see you again soon enough but my little girl is way more important than you. Bye, bye...for now.