Cloth diapers, Real food, New age hippie?

So the wife and I have recently decided to make some changes in our lives to better ourselves and our children. It all began with our decision, and some help from a good friend at EcoBuns, to try out cloth diapers with our daughter Lola who will be here around September 1st of this year. We are very excited about our new adventure and if you didn't know, I will be documenting my journey in a segment called "Diaper Wars". This is the first stage of an eye opening experience. The second stage involves a 10 day pledge that my wife recently stumbled upon. This pledge involves 10 days full of eating real food and cutting out processed foods, which includes refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. When my wife sent me the link I did what any other man would do and skimmed through it. I guess you could say it was the equivalent of a man actually asking for directions to a specific location when he is obviously lost. Yeah, I was being stubborn. I told her to go for it since she seemed so dedicated and I was willing to try it. I had already decided to cut out pop so why not try this?

Our 10 day pledge toward eating "real food" starts today and so far it has been great. I have gone without pop since this past Thursday and though it was hard the first couple days at work, I'm feeling good and my stomach has not been hurting. I'm going to miss it but if I feel better then it's worth it. McDonald's and all other fast food joints will no longer get my business and although that too sucks I will feel better in the long run. So here it is, the two stages to a better life and health. I'm digging it and maybe you will too. Below is the link to the pledge and no there is no money that you are actually pledging. It gives an explanation of the pledge, recipes, and other items. The family that did this did it for 100 days but 10 days is enough for me...for now.

Source: 10 day pledge