Sleep Sew Crochet Repeat

On today's edition of "The Creative Corner" I would like to highlight someone who means the world to me. Someone who I consider my partner in crime and soon to be partner in cloth during the Diaper Wars Saga. I'm talking about my wife Rebecca. Why am I highlighting my wife? Well, she's badass! What other reason do I need? I suppose I could say there was a threat of a night on the couch but I would be lying, though the couch is nice. The threat comment is not true just an attempt to be funny and besides, she wouldn't need anything like that anyway. She's that badass! She has 11 weeks left of her pregnancy with our daughter and she has been feeding her need to nest with sewing and crocheting. She is very creative and talented. The stuff she has created are great and the patience it takes is crazy! I have patience for a lot of things but this is not one of them. It takes a lot of concentration too and when she gets into it, she gets into it. One night after work I was talking to her and I was waiting for a response and nothing. I turned towards her and she was crocheting like a mad women. I attempted to ask whether she heard me or not and she quickly responded with,

"Hold up! I have to keep count!"

I thought her response was hilarious as she went back to counting and crocheting. I was not aware that there was a specific count needed to keep everything on the up and up. She has done, baby hats, blankets, quilts, car seat covers, cloth wipes, and she even makes baskets. She has recently launched a blog documenting her creative talents and projects. The entries are excellent and are definitely a good read. I will be posting some pics to go with this post later on to highlight her work but if you click the links below you can see some of what she has done. Happy reading people, cheers!


Sleep Sew Crochet Repeat & Rebleighroo Baskets (pronounced Reeb-leigh-roo)