That's a little sloppy, Joe

Tonight my family and I had a nice spaghetti dinner and the sauce was superb and the added meat was delicious but it made me wonder. What exactly was within the meat we were eating? It made me think of a video I saw a long time ago. It dealt with something we have all eaten at least once in our lives and it's non other than a Sloppy Joe. But what was in the meat or what was the meat? According to legend, back in the 1930's, a man named Joe O'Sullivan caught his wife sleeping with another man. The diner owner was so upset at his finding that he killed both of them and ground their bodies up to hide the evidence. The following day Joe invited both families to his diner where he explained that his wife and her lover had run off together. Afterward he served up the lovers on a bun with his own sauce and mentioned that this was his specialty. After the first bite his wife's father said, "this is a little sloppy, Joe."

After that day Joe made millions selling what became known as a "Sloppy Joe". The murder of his wife, lover, and origin of his specialty were only revealed on his deathbed. It makes one wonder what exactly we are eating and if this story is true or not. If you really want to know something about your beef click here. This article is a good read and will make you think twice before buying ground beef from certain grocery stores and fast food joints.

Have a good night folks and thanks to JK Cinema for the excellent Urban Legends series found here. If you get hungry later you are more than welcome to have a MANWICH on me.