Let's name her Rogue...err we need some help.

So recently my wife and I found out we were having a girl and at the moment they told us I started making a list of things I needed before she graced the world with her presence. First thing I wrote down was buying a gun, and not just any gun but something that would scare the shit out of someone. I know how I was when I was younger and...well let's just say that I don't want any pesky riffraff around. Within the middle of this list was the decision of her name and it should have been at the top but I was in protective father mode, so yeah. We have several names on the board but I would like to know what you would pick for us. I have added a poll to get the readers opinion on this. Pick a good one because we don't need any names like Apple or Taco or Oof-Lah. This poll will be up for 30 days so get crackin'! [polldaddy poll=4981598]