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EvansCare was launched by Evans in May of 2018 to provide superior customer service to all mission critical environments, especially the 911 industry. This service includes performing preventative maintenance on all brands of consoles, not just Evans brand.


Imagine listening - Your worst day is our everyday 

Imagine going to a funeral for a family member. You spend hours mourning the loss and on the way home with your brother he grabs his chest. Now imagine you’re 911, answering the call of a man who is crying and pleading for you to help his brother. He is unable to get him out of the car to perform CPR and…he doesn’t make it.


2018 National apco conference sponsor - Kim turner, llc

Once again I am excited to have Kim Turner, LLC. as a sponsor but this time for the National APCO conference as well as for the month of August. Make sure to check this out to learn more about their professional dispatch training for the Next-Generation of 9-1-1.


2018 within the trenches continuing education scholarship recipient - janelle williams

This year the voting committee of the Within the Trenches Continuing Education Scholarship made the unanimous decision to make Janelle Williams, dispatcher out of Oak Creek Police Department, Wisconsin. The follow is her experience.