New sponsor highlight - EvansCare

EvansCare was launched by Evans in May of 2018 to provide superior customer service to all mission critical environments, especially the 9-1-1 industry. This service includes performing preventative maintenance on all brands of consoles, not just Evans brand. During the process we also clean the entire console and work surfaces removing all dirt, debris, food, etc. (don’t forget the fingernails and toe nails!! ) from inside, behind, and underneath the console. The benefits of this service are paramount and range from allowing electrical equipment to run more efficiently and not overheat (or catch on fire!) as well as providing a much healthier environment for dispatchers both from a cleaner air aspect as well as preventing the spread of germs and sickness.

My favorite part of what I do is providing a healthier, more enjoyable environment for dispatchers to work in. When supervisors invest in this service they are sending a message to their telecommunicators that they are important and that they matter, and to me there really isn’t a more important job than what they do so it truly makes me happy that I can make a tiny difference to these amazing heroes!

Written by Tanya Lee - Manager of EvansCare Console Cleaning Maintenance

EvansCare is a proud sponsor of Within The Trenches and supports wholeheartedly the powerful message accomplished in sharing all of your stories! Together we can achieve more!