911 SAVES Act - Call to action


Last week on the 28th of February I gave an update to the Bill that Congresswoman Norma Torres is introducing that will ultimately reclassify 9-1-1 dispatchers to the protective services class. The Bill will be called the 911 SAVES Act. This Thursday, March 7, 2019, the Congresswoman will be holding a press conference to introduce the Bill and will live stream it on her Facebook page for all to see.

On the heels of this update came a conference call between the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and its members to lay out an action plan leading up to this Thursday’s announcement and going on from there. The plan identifies the gist of the situation, who is introducing the Bill and what you, along with your friends and colleagues can do to help push the 911 SAVES Act. Below is a small excerpt along with a link to the NENA Online Action Center. This is where one can go to reach out to their Reps through email or Twitter.

It doesn’t get much easier than that and to help you out further, you may read the entire action plan by clicking the button below. You may also download an email template to send out to the House and or Senate. NENA has made it very easy for you to take part in this landmark event for 9-1-1 dispatchers. One thing to remember, and this is important, please be as professional as possible and bipartisan. There is no need to criticize anyone as we need strong bipartisan support.

This is it folks! This is what everyone has been fighting for. From the big organizations, those in Washington, and US, those who make up the #IAM911 movement, this is what it is all about. In episode 237 of the podcast FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel said, “I look forward to legislation on this, to me, in a day where everything divides us, this one should unite us.” I echo her statement. We are all in this together and to Congresswoman Torres, along with all those who support this Bill? We are behind you!

Small excerpt of the NENA - Action Plan


  • Communicate with your elected officials, and mobilize your colleagues to do it, too.    

    • Get up to speed on the issue by reading NENA’s reclassification comments! Think about your local 9-1-1 operations and be able to share both data points and anecdotes on why this reclassification is needed.   

  •  Call or write your U.S. House members and ask them to cosponsor the bill. Sample language is provided below and in our NENA Online Action Center. Please customize it with your local information and insights.  

    • If you use the NENA Online Action Center, you’ll simply fill in some blanks and send an online message to your representative.

    • Or, you can reach them by visiting www.House.gov, entering your zip code, and accessing their websites, which generally provide phone numbers, email addresses, and online comment submission forms.

    • PRO TIP: Intercept them at a local event or visit them at their district office!

    • IMPORTANT: PASS IT ON! Convey this information to your office colleagues, your local NENA chapter members, state and local government officials, even your friends and neighbors; and ask them to take these steps, too!   

 Watch Rep. Torres Introduce the 911 SAVES Act. She’ll be live streaming the event this Thursday, March 7, at 3:30pm Eastern on her Facebook page.