The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 61

AVEP2014ShirtLogoGood afternoon and welcome back to an awesome episode of the AudioVillains Podcast. Right off the bat I have to give a shoutout to the man himself, Joey "CoCo" Diaz, an amazing talent and comedian. He is going to be at Dr. Grins this Saturday April 12 and we are heading out to see his show. We are going to be at the 8pm show and maybe we can get him to spend a little time with for an episode of humor and knowledge. We would love to have you on the show and if not I know we will have a good time at yours. On this episode we visit a time when Joey Lawrence was making music and breaking hearts while becoming a man on Beauty and the Beach, a spring break pageant during MTV's spring break special. We also visit the time of $2,000 sound systems in $400 cars and the Ed Lover dance. This episode is a must listen so check it out and share! As always you can email the show at


Episode topics -

  • Joey Lawrence
  • Bassing in the '90's
  • The Ed Lover Dance
  • And more...