How to get your AudioVillains T-shirt!

AVEP2014ShirtLogoFor a limited time only the CodeSeven Podcast Network is taking orders for the new AudioVillains t-shirt. It's sexy as hell and only $16! In order to get a t-shirt you need to scroll down on this page and look to the far right. You will see a PayPal button that says, "Donate to the CodeSeven Podcast Network." Once you click on the button it will take you to a form. The purpose will say something like, "Donate to Within the Trenches." I know the name is different but it is only because I can't change the name without creating an entirely new button. Since I am pressed for time I am not going to create a new button. It all goes to the same place either way. So fill out the form, donate $16 and your reward is a brand new t-shirt. Once you have done so please email me at with the size(s) you need. Orders will be taken from 1/08 - 01/13 at midnight. Once we hit the 13th at midnight we will no longer take new orders. Our awesome friends over at Threadsy are hooking us up so make sure to check them out and like them on Facebook!

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