The JCast RandomCast Episode 1

Good evening folks! The JCast on Jabber Log is adding shows and turning into a network. The RandomCast features different guests and the show is just that, a random cast. The topics range from everything including past memories, 80's Saturday morning cartoons, and eating habits, to anything you can think of. The shows are usually 30 minutes and although they are random the shows are quite funny so make sure to check it out. This weeks RandomCast featured my wife Rebecca and our niece and nephew Danielle and Andrew. We touched on what they have been up to, social norm experiments, switching from vegan to vegetarian to meat and what you would choose if you were given the choice of one drink, one food and one thing to do for the rest of your life. You can only pick one so what would you pick? Comment below with your choice and make sure to share this episode. Cheers! (Social Norm Video - As mentioned in this episode)