What if Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Met Social Media

Good afternoon everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written out of post that didn’t have to do with school or the JCast. I promise to get back to my roots and with that said I have a funny article for you today. This morning I made breakfast for my son and I. We were trying to figure out what to watch and decided to go with Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, the version with Gene Wilder. This movie has to be one of my all time favorites and watching my eight year old get a kick out of it makes me smile.

As we watched and laughed at the sarcasm of Wonka, I tweeted a few items of curiosity on the movie over Twitter. For example,

@rmIIvisions: Curiosity: if Charlie's mom can sing like an angel then why the hell are they poor? #willywonkaandthechocolatefactory

My tweets go from Twitter to my wall on Facebook. It started there and as you can see from the picture below it went a bit further. So…what if social media, YouTube and funny meme's were around during this time?


With Willy Wonka’s sarcasm it would make for an excellent day of tweets from the tour. What about right before he walked out to greet the public or when everyone got on the boat?

@TheRealWillyWonka: Phew, about to walk out to greet these people, pretend I’m stroking out, fall and jump up. #beingcheeky


@TheRealWillyWonka: Just dropped some acid and now to freak them out on my boat. Maybe sing and scream. #freakout


@TheRealWillyWonka: Just showed them #WonkaVision & this kid Mike just shrunk himself. Oh well… #ontothetaffyroom

You have to admit that it would be very funny! The entire cast would have excellent tweets! They would be recording video’s and posting them to YouTube and as my friend Matt mentioned, Charlie’s mom would have gone viral with her “Cheer Up Charlie” song and they would be rich! It would be awesome and what I would like from you are some comments with more mock Twitter or Facebook status messages from the cast. Use your imagination folks and lets have some fun! The best comments will be featured on the next episode of the JCast! Cheers!