The JCast Episode 7 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon people! I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far...well...yeah it's Monday and they are never good but I have a cure for you. The AudioVillains are back with episode 7 to cure your Monday blues. This week our third villain Mike returns to tell us a story about his Man-lorette party and how a night of drinking ended with pain beyond belief. Have you ever passed a kidney stone? Well I haven't and from the sounds of it, it's something I never want to do. We also share some stories of old school parenting and how my brother and I used to make our younger twin sisters box it out at the ripe old age of 4. Maybe they were 5 but either way they were young and it was fun until my dad got a hold of us. Have a good day folks, listen and share and as always you can email us at or click the contact button to the left. You can also check us out each week on Ustream where we stream our show live and uncut!