The Creative Corner - "I may" by Lindsay Tuhacek

Good evening folks! It’s been some time since I’ve posted to The Creative Corner but earlier today I saw a link that led me to some excellent poetry. I was so moved by it that I felt it needed to be featured. The poetry comes from Lindsay Tuhacek, a graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in Exercise Science and an emphasis in cardiac rehabilitation. She is a dedicated health and fitness advocator, writer, and mother of four. This talented woman does it all and from what I’ve read, her poems display a sense of honesty and sincerity that people can relate to. After reading her poem “I may”, off her blog “Raw Emotion Poetry”, I immediately felt the need to make contact with Lindsay to see if I could feature her work on the Creative Corner. I also wanted to ask what inspires her to write. In her own words; “I got into poetry in high school as a way to release my frustrations and emotions, as I was never comfortable in seeking out others to confide in. I have a hard time expressing who I really am because I have always felt distant from everyone else. Poetry has allowed me to say what I need to say without speaking. It has allowed me to work through the anger, sadness, insecurities and hardships I faced when I was younger. My inspiration is mainly drawn from my personal life regarding, my emotions, my experiences and my feelings. Sometimes I draw inspiration from stories I hear, but mostly from my own. I am a very passionate person and have a calling to help people. I think poetry is a good way to reach and connect with those who can relate and need something to help them through their own experiences. I did not realize this until I started following Kirk Latimer of Kinetic Affect. They are absolutely amazing. I learned a lot about myself through the process.”

The work of Lindsay Tuhacek can be found on her blog, as mentioned above, at Raw Emotion Poetry. I will provide her poem “I may” below but you must read the rest of her work. So without further ado, I present to you, I may.

I may not be pretty But I have a good heart

I may not be funny But I love to laugh

I may not be smart But I love to learn

I may not have the voice But I love to sing

I may not have the moves But I love to dance

I may look like I am happy But I cry everyday

I may seem to be angry But I am lonely instead

I may seem to be strong But I am as weak as they come

I may appear independent But I need you around

I may seem to be bulletproof But I am covered in holes

So don't judge the outside It is only a shield A place that protects What I honestly feel I'm not an open book I have secrets I hide And I wait for the one Who will see me inside


Source: Raw Emotion Poetry

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