A TestCast of the JCast

Hello all! Here's a late night post with something new on Jabber Log. I have been talking about doing some podcasts for a while now and I have just completed a test run of the JCast. It's about 13 minutes long and after listening to myself I don't sound that bad. I thought I was going to sound like a complete fool but I don't. If anything I sound like I can't breathe. I was sitting outside in the heat and my asthma started kicking in. I also realized, while editing, that I click my tongue during a long pause. I have never noticed it before but it's something I'm going to work on and eliminate. I also need to nix the uh's, and um's. They're not too bad but I also noticed that when I tell a story I say the word, "like." Argh! That has to be the most annoying thing but I didn't use it that much. It just irritates me so I will definitely work on it. As for my tongue clicking or smack noise, whatever it is, I have edited it out. I know you're happy about that because I know I am. It was making me mad and after listening to the final cut, I'm much happier with it. Make sure to comment below and this is only the beginning folks so stay tuned!