Fatherhood: One of my greatest achievements.

Good morning and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Today we are honored for the many things we do but most importantly, we are honored for being utterly AWESOME! That’s right, we are awesome! You have worked hard, cut the grass, helped around the house, killed spiders, untightened jars, played house, played with cars, helped around the house, changed a tire, and changed diapers. Phew! Yes you’ve done a lot and no, I’m not taking anything away from the moms out there but today is our day and today the dads are going to chill. Being a father for me is right up there with being a celebrity. Sure, I don’t get all the money and TV time but my kids look up to me in that sense of celebrity status. It’s a great feeling. Just the other day I was outside cutting grass and my 8 year old son Logan asked if I could show him how to do it. “I want to learn to cut grass the way you do,” he said. I wasn’t sure at first but thought it wouldn’t hurt. He was mowing like a pro in no time. I felt great inside and I was very proud. He looked back at me and smiled. I could sense that he knew he was doing well and that I was awesome for showing him how to do it.

It’s stuff like that where I know I’m doing my job as a dad. I have three children and although I am not in contact with my eldest, I know from others that he is doing well and looking and acting more like me every day. My younger son and daughter are doing great and growing like weeds. They impress me every day and make me proud to be a father. I want to say thank you to my dad for doing everything in his power to provide for his family. It’s his work ethic and respect that helped make me who I am today. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and especially those who have stepped up to raise children that are not even theirs. Today my family and I are going to have a great day. As for my eldest son Richie, we will see each other again. I love and miss you very much. Have a great day everyone and make sure to grill up something tasty and chill with your favorite beverage. Cheers!

(A must watch!)