Jabber Log in 2012 and Beyond

Welcome to Jabber Log! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ricardo and this is where I blog on everything for everyone.  I’m a father, a husband, a brother, and a graphic designer, 9-1-1 operator, a grill master and blogging mofo! Some new things have begun for me and Jabber Log. I have moved from the original host and I am now self-hosting. What does this mean? Well it means that I can do so much more with Jabber Log. On top of that I have started my Masters in New Media Journalism and I am able to use my blog to publish the stories I write for school. I'm very excited to be doing this! So much has happened since I started blogging. I helped promote an up and coming country singer, designed for a local radio dj, was Freshly Pressed and featured on the homepage of WordPress.com, and featured again by GroVia for one of my Diaper Wars segments. Jabber Log is now three days shy of being a year old. I wanted to wait but with the move and all I had to make this announcement early. So here it is folks, the new Jabber Log! We have a new look, a new home and my ideas are going to flow through the virtual pages of this blog. I plan on trying some podcasts, with guests, video and much more. With all the good stuff happening there had to be some cons to go along with the pros. Since I have moved, my stats have reset. What that means is that I went from having 20,000+ views to 0. Yep...you read that right, I said 0. It also appears that I have lost my subscribers so if you want to keep receiving posts from me please subscribe again. I may have found a work around by redirecting all of my traffic so maybe it won't be that bad. Instead of going to jabberlog.wordpress.com you can simply type in www.thejabberlog.com. Things are on the up and up with different ways to share each story. For the new people I have added some interesting info below.

Miscellaneous tidbits

  • Graphic and Front-End Web Design is my bag
  • deadmau5 is what I listen to when I code
  • I don’t tolerate scum
  • My announcer voice is superb

What can I expect from Jabber Log?

Everything! It’s my pleasure to share the following:

  • Diaper Wars
  • martinez design concepts
  • The Creative Corner
  • Within The Trenches
  • Next Gen 9-1-1
  • Social Media
  • Beer

I love to write and share stories on various topics. There is never a dull moment on Jabber Log. I also share movie reviews, music reviews, gaming, promotions, giveaways and video. I welcome all feedback whether it’s good or bad. The point of my blog is to share information and generate discussion based on what is posted here. Time to time I will post something that is considered controversial but what’s a blog without a little controversy? I hope to humor you with my posts. A good sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste. It’s up to me to give you something to laugh about, but not all posts are humorous though.

Promoting is another part of Jabber Log. This is located under; “The Creative Corner.” All work is credited so there are no worries in that department. If you created it and it’s featured on Jabber Log, you will be given credit as such. All comments and feedback are welcomed so please do not hesitate to let me have it. I’m all about new ideas, having an open mind, and discussion so comment!

Make sure to subscribe on the main page. Social Media is taken advantage of on Jabber Log so we can be found on the most popular networks. Cheers!


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