The Share A Story Giveaway: The Finalists

Good afternoon folks! Last night the Share A Story Giveaway between EcoBuns & Jabber Log closed. The stories have been reviewed and the finalists were chosen. Let me tell you, the stories are excellent and very funny! You can read them here, however, if you want to vote on the best one you need to go to EcoBuns Fan Page on Facebook and "Like" each story. Make sure to get all of your friends and families together to come over and vote! Good luck to the finalists! 1. Jumper…Poo?

well i guess my funniest and worse diaper change was when my son poop while in his jumparoo and I didn’t know it. Poop had went done both legs and he was jumping in it, when I picked him up my hand got poop all over it, than I tried to get his socks and baby legs off without touch more poop and when the sock came off poop slung all over the wall. My baby had poop up his back and all over him, it was awful but funny at the same time. I had to wash his jumparoo and mop the floor.

2. Doggie gets a SHAM-“POO”

Way back when my son was a newborn (almost 2 years ago) I was home alone for the first time – My husband had been on “vacation” for a week and a half and had gone back to work. I thought I was doing pretty good for dealing with “issues in my girly bits” and having a newborn son and two large dogs….I nursed the baby, snuggled with him, and felt the bum rumbles of baby poo. So I got up to change him, sure enough he exploded through his diaper and onesie. I get him all cleaned off, and He pees – it arcs in the air and “SPLASH!” right in his eye! I wipe him off, clean him up again, and just as I set his fresh little bum on the new diaper (before I close it up around him) he POOPS with the force of a super-soaker water gun – Projectile POO! I was able to jump out of the way and it got my pant leg just a little bit, but it got the rug and the DOG a lot! I Cleaned up the baby, put him in the bassinet, changed my pants, and bathed the dog. She looked humiliated, but I really couldn’t stop laughing! This was the first time she got pooped on, but definitely not the last!

3. Butt Bubbles

It was the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital. She needed a diaper change and since I was understandably exhausted my husband offered to change her so that I could rest and visit with my parents who’d come to see the baby. All of a sudden from her bedroom we hear, “Dude! Dude! Dude! Awwww duuuuuude!” (remember that Bud Light commercial from a couple of years back? Yeah, it was kinda like that). I go rushing back to see what’s going on. Turns out that sweet baby girl of mine started to pee when he took the diaper off. And if that wasn’t enough, she was also a bit gassy so that as the pee ran down her little bum she was blowing bubbles in it. We still laugh about it 2 1/2 yrs later!

4. Cloth is like a box of chocolates

My funniest, first and worst diaper change with cloth diapers was when I actually was trying on cloth for the first time with my son. I just want to see how things fit. We got the econobum 3 pre-fold trial package. I know I am suppose to wash it a few times before having my son in them, but being that my son has never had cloth and I’ve been dying to get my hands on some since I had my first born I was way too excited so I just fit it on him. Well he ended up peeing in there. Which of course he had to. I put the diaper on the wrong way and had to YOUTUBE it after everyone on ECOBUNS told me how to place it. So when I finally got it right put another one on and the cover on he POOPED! Its wasnt just a small poop either. It was a HUGE ONE! As I lay him down on the carpet wondering what I was going to do he looked at me, smile and SIGH. Thankfully my son is still breast feeding so we got the poo off clean. =) When I went to grab to grab some disposable, my son turned around and grabbed the last pre fold, mind you he’s all nakey at this pint, he ended up crawling up to the pre-fold sitting on it and peeing on it. Looks like my son is wanting to be on cloth