Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Woo! I had a great vacation in Florida with my family and now I'm back and ready to go! I have several stories I want to write about so they will be posted soon. First off I'd like to talk about the fact that I graduated on March 2nd, 2012! Man it feels like it's been forever since I have been in school and well...I guess it has to a point. I now have an AAS in Web Development and a BS in Graphic Design (no my degree is not B-S). It was great meeting some of my classmates and seeing my professors face to face. After meeting up with my classmates we lined up for graduation registration. It was a pretty long line, however, if you had a smartphone there was a QR code that could be scanned to register by phone. How badass is that? So from there we moved up to the front of the line and waited for our picture to be taken. The flashes were crazy bright and I was waiting for someone to have a seizure. Now, I don't find seizures funny but geez! I might have gone into one myself with the flash flickering as much as the photographer was doing it. You would have thought he was a one man paparazzi army with as many pictures as he took.

After the photo flash frenzy I was able to stagger to the next room where some Techno music had been coming from. I thought I was going to see everyone dancing and having a good time as if in a Rave but everyone was sitting. It was disappointing and if I could compare it to anything it would be like Return of the Jedi when Vader's face was revealed. Let's picture it shall we? There you are, waiting to see Darth's face because he looks and sounds badass but when his mask is removed you're left with a WTF feeling. You know what I mean? Well, if you don't know what WTF is then Google it. You'll understand I promise. Either way everything was good and I sat and had a chat with my classmates. It was nice to talk face to face rather than over a discussion board or Facebook.

I am very happy to be done with school and a lot of offers are coming my way. I'm ready to take life by the horns and conquer it! I'm determined to make my dreams come true and with that said, I will be starting school once again on the 26th for my Master's. Yes, you read that right, on the 26th...this March 26th. Man! It's going to be another crazy ride but it's only for a year so I have to work it out. By the time I'm done I will have added a Master's of Fine Arts in New Media Journalism to my educational background. I'm very excited and this is just one more step toward world domination! Yes! Um...well maybe not world domination but I will be able to bring Jabber Log to new heights and all of my ideas will soon be revealed. Stay tuned folks! We're in a DeLorean and about to hit 88.8 mph! (Back to the Future reference). Cheers!

(By the way, there is always a method to my madness and my reason for starting my Master's so soon can only be explained by the chorus of the song below. Enjoy!)