Diaper Wars: Father vs. Daughter

A father's tale, may the cloth be with you.Hello folks and happy Saturday to all! It's been a while since I've written a post for Diaper Wars. I do apologize for this but in all honesty I have not had a lot of material to go off of. Sure I have my little girl who is growing and growing but with my work schedule I don't get to change a lot of her diapers. My wife and I are still using cloth and loving every moment of it. Our little Lola is growing so fast and Logan is doing great as a big brother. It seems as though both of our kids have hit a growth spurt recently. Logan is eating as much as I do and he looks like a towering 7 year old at 4 feet 4inches. Lola will be 5 months old in one day and she's rolling over by herself and sitting up by herself. It's amazing to see her grow and learn new things. The look on her face when she rolls over is priceless! She looks around at everyone and smiles. You can tell how happy she is that she rolled over on her own. It makes me very proud to see my children grow and learn. So what's been going on with the cloth? Well, I have found that I really dig GroVia shells. There is nothing better than changing a diaper, unsnapping the insert and adding another one. That's of course only if there wasn't a mess. If there was a mess and it's on the shell, I don't recommend using the same one. In my last Diaper Wars post I noted that I liked Drybees. After writing that post I began to notice that Lola was wetting out of them overnight. Even during the day it seemed to only happen with the Drybees and I thought, maybe we should do away with this brand. We changed our daughter regularly so it should not have been a problem but something was off. I had planned on writing a post about it to see what all of you thought and if you had any suggestions but when I mentioned it to my wife she said not to.

"Wait! Don't write anything on it."

"Why not?"

"I figured something out and it works great."

The solution? My wife took one of our newborn pre-folds and inserted it into the sleeve of the Drybees diaper. I can now say that everything is cool in the gang with Drybees and my daughters bum is safe from any slight redness. On the topic of redness of the bum, we found that the best thing for this is  Grandma El's. It took the redness away and it works fast. Yeah...I know, a plug for Grandma El's but it's pretty good stuff. Everything is good in clothland but a new battle within the Diaper Wars has begun. Remember my mention of my daughter growing and how much progress she has shown? Well, she has begun kicking like you wouldn't believe when her diaper is being changed. She will try and turn over while I'm working on the velcro and she also pulls her leg up and she'll hold her foot. It makes it hard and all she can do is laugh and smile. I have to move fast because once I have one side done she will kick up or turn to the side and shift her diaper. I then have to start all over and hope I can move faster than her.

It's definitely been a fun experience using cloth diapers. What's been even more fun is figuring out how to put little tights on my daughter. You would think this would be easy for anyone but if you're a man with his first daughter it's a learning process...well, at least for me. I have struggled with her tights for some time now and last week it took me about 10 minutes before I finally got them on. I was getting frustrated because Lola kept kicking and finally on that same day I figured it out. I rolled them down to the point that only the part that went over her foot was there. I inserted the first one and I swear I did a backflip because I conquered the mighty tights. I know I probably sound like a fool but I'll admit it. Men are stubborn and I could've asked my wife but I had to figure it out myself. Now it's a piece of cake and the next time something like this comes up I'll ask my wife first. Yeah...I don't believe that either. I will eventually but hey, like I said, men are stubborn. So things have been excellent and cloth diapers are the way to go for us. We have found things that work and some that don't. The adventures will last and the Diaper Wars continue.

Below you can check out how good Lola sits by herself.