What happened Mayhem? TUF Finale Review

By: Roger Dodger Hey again, it's Roger Dodger! I'm here to talk about the Ultimate Fighter Finale that happened on Saturday night. First and foremost I must mention that these fights were awesome. I love T.U.F. series, because the people who fight are fighting for a 6-figure income and a contract for the UFC. These guys will give it all they have to improve their lives. If you don't know what the Ultimate Fighter show is about, then crawl out of that rock you have been living under and get caught up!!! T.U.F. is one of the best reality shows on TV. The UFC will pick 2 UFC fighters to train these up and coming stars to battle each other in the octagon. This show will give no name fighters a chance to prove themselves and make their name a "house hold name" in the UFC. I have a lot to say so I won't explain the whole show, just look for reruns on Spike TV.

This T.U.F. finale fight card did not disappoint at all. These fights were fast paced and action packed. This season was all about the Bantamweights and Featherweights division and I'm thankful for these weight classes because these fighters are smaller, quicker, and very tough. Dana White made a great move bringing those guys into the UFC.

Ok, here are the fight results. I'm only going to mention the fights for the contract and the main event.

Jon Dodson vs. Tj Dillashaw

This fight was very quick. Both go in the middle of the Octagon and from there Jon Dodson set the pace for the fight. With Jon Dodson's quickness Tj Dillashaw never stood a chance. This fight was over in a blink of an eye by Jon Dodson's quick hands. Tj Dillashaw made it 1:54 of the 1st round and was KO'ed. Congratulations Jon Dodson on the 6-figure contract and a nice glass trophy. I will be looking forward to all the exciting fights you will be giving us in the future.

Diego Brando vs. Dennis Bermudez

This fight was absolutely amazing! These two men did give us the best fight of the night (in my eyes)! They say anything can happen in a UFC fight and after this fight that saying is true. These two warriors gave it their all. Diego Brando and Dennis Bermudez both came out swinging! Back and fourth with these two then Diego Brando rocks Dennis Bermudez but he shakes it off and keeps going. Then Dennis Bermudez rocks Diego Brando and down he goes. Dennis pounces on Diego and starts going to town on his face, trying to end the fight. With all hope gone for Diego, Dennis makes the biggest mistake of his pro career. He left his arm wide open and out of nowhere, Diego grabs it, flips Dennis over to end the fight via arm-bar!!! Wow! This fight reminds me why I fell in love with MMA. Both of these men deserve a contract, but only one got it. Way to go Deigo Brando!!!

Now the main event of the evening. Micheal "The Count" Bisping vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

Bisping and Miller were asked to be the coaches this season. These two are no strangers to the T.U.F., they were both in the T.U.F. season 3 together and hated each other. And the hatred grew as this season went on. The trash talking, the pranks, and the water squirting was just enough fuel for both of them to go in and give us one hell of a fight, but that’s not what happened. The first round was decent; Miller was able to take down Bisping, which is shocking because Bispings take down defense is top notch. But all Miller did was lay on top of him and did just enough so the ref wouldn't stand them up, but Bisping was able to get up and start getting some points in with his superb stand up game. Round 1 done and Bisping looked frustrated and Miller looked tired. The first round was the only round Miller did anything. Start of the second round and Bisping did what Bisping does best; beat the crap outta Miller. All Miller could do was go on the ground and cover up. Bisping just picked Miller apart with his dominate boxing skills. It was like that for the second and third rounds. Miller gave up...you could see it between rounds and while he was getting punched. Finally the ref steps in at 3:34 of the third round and stopped the most embarrassing fight Miller ever fought. Miller should stick to his T.V. show and give up on MMA. My hat is off to you Bisping, you might be the biggest A-hole in the UFC but good job.

That's it. If you didn't get to see this fight card I'm sure they will air it again soon so keep your eyes out for it. You can follow me on Twitter @rogmar865 and I will try to give breaking news (I work Mon-Fri in the mornings so I will try my best to update around that time.) Thanks for reading.