What's that smudge on your phone?

On today's edition of Tech Thursday I was in search for something interesting. You know, something that would make you really think about electronics. Well after a quick search I found something that is not only interesting but made me think about what is growing on my electronics. From what I've read it appears that a single keyboard has about 60% more germs than a toilet seat. Think about that the next time you're typing on your desktop or laptop computer. Did any of you purchase Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii when it came out? If so, you most likely remember that the game included a board that assisted you in getting fit. Did any of you do this barefoot? Well, if you did that board definitely gathered common foot fungus and possibly athlete's foot. Now think about this; did any of you buy this game and board used? Um...yeah, I'll give you a moment to marinade on that. If anything you can compare those germs with the 16% of cell phones that have a certain something on them. In the end our electronics gather lots of germs and if you look below there is an infographic with more information that will help you identify germs and how to clean them up. For more information check out the full article from Mashable.