Clothin' from cover to Snappi

My daughter is just over two weeks old now and it has been going great. She's beginning to sleep a lot more at night and this makes my wife and I very happy. We have been using cloth diapers since day one and they have worked nicely. I did have some mishaps recently that have me wondering how I can do better with this type of diaper. Recently I have learned how to wash my daughters cloth diapers and without the sprayer it's pretty easy. There is a process to washing them and I had to have my wife repeat it to me a few times but I've got it. I think we have already saved a significant amount of money with cloth diapers over the use of disposables. I believe the calculation was that we saved on at least the price of 2 or so packages of disposable diapers. This is a plus in my book since the cost of disposables can become outrageous. So here's the deal, and I would like some advice from anyone who has some good tips out there on this. When changing the pre-fold, do you leave the cover underneath as backup in case there is a "spill"? I'm guessing so but if you happen to do something different, please let me know. I had a moment the other day where I was changing my daughter and I removed both the pre-fold and the cover so that I could clean her. As I reached for a cloth wipe my daughter decided to top off her soiled diaper with some delayed pee. It soaked through her sheet and she began to cry. I quickly cleaned her up and my wife mentioned that I should keep the cover underneath her as a backup in case this happens. Does everyone out there do this with their cloth diapers and covers? This is definitely a good idea but I was wondering if anyone out there was doing something different. I was also wondering what alternative methods or the best method is when closing up your pre-fold? I have folded them the traditional way but I think there is also a way to twist and fold the pre-fold before applying the Snappi.

I know I can find this all on the Internet somewhere but what I want is to see what you, the readers, are doing with your pre-folds. And of course I'm asking those who are currently using cloth diapers but I'll definitely consider all options from those who are not using cloth but no Origami folds. That would be a little too much for me. I want something fast and sufficient. Other than that I have no complaints about cloth diapers. They have been working out great and if only my daughter didn't hate getting her diaper changed, it would be the best but I guess everything has a downside right? Oh well, she's a cutie and has dad wrapped around her little finger. If you have any good suggestions, please let me know. I'm looking to learn as much as I can here. May the cloth be with you!