A Jackie of all trades

Between the hours of 7pm-midnight during the week you can hear the voice of Jackie over the airwaves at WGRD. She provides her listeners with the hard hitting rock that the station is known for. A recent graduate of Ferris State University, this inspiring powerhouse has not let anything hold her back from branching out into other outlets of media. An avid runner and pageant competitor, this girl is one to watch out for. When she's not blessing her listeners with the rock gods of today, she can be found on television and taking part in photo shoots. Currently Jackie has entered a contest to win an editorial with Teen Vogue. Contestants are asked to upload and submit a photo that expresses their own personal style.  Teen Vogue will then post their top 10 finalists on September 12 2011 and then it will be up to the readers to decide on the winner. This is where you can help Jackie come one step closer to winning this contest. I will supply a link at the end of this post where you can go and vote. Simply register and comment on the photo. It's as simple as that. The picture within this post is the one that was submitted to Teen Vogue and I must say that I dig it. In her own words Jackie explains,

"This is a very modern strapless dress. I describe it as a "punk princess" its adorned in zippers up and down the bodice of the dress, with a tulle underlay. The bowler hat tops it off for a fun 80's punk princess look!"

Now let's do our part by heading to Teen Vogue and vote for Jackie! From the airwaves, to television, to modeling and acting, this girl knows how to make things happen. She is truly a Jackie of all trades.

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