The best of you

In honor of Father's Day I would like to take this time to talk about my father who is pictured on the left. Yes, on the left, the one with the bright white "Don King" hair. Although we've had our share of quarrels I thank you for everything you have done for me. You were very strict and hard on me but I thank you because I was able to develop a work ethic like no other. My sense of music is mostly because of you. Every trip we took to Texas when I was growing up I remember everyone crashed out late at night in the van while you and I were up front listening to Oldies and Classic Rock. I listen to the same with Logan and he loves it. Your thirst to compete has been embedded within me. It can be a curse at times but I'm a badass for it. I remember a lot of times that you would have flashed your patented LOD and tore me a new one. A few times that come to mind are when you caught me smoking for the first time. I was about 16 or 17 and I really didn't know what I was doing but you threatened me with smoking an entire carton if I thought I was man enough and I never smoked again...well until I was old enough which was still stupid of me because my dumbass has asthma. Thanks for trying to show me the way back then and I have since learned my lesson. I also remember my first beer. You had just left to work and I was curious as to what you were drinking so I snatched one. I cracked it open and the suds ran out and onto the steps of the basement. I took a sip and damn that Old Milwaukee tasted like ass! I about vomited and I hated it. Why would anyone drink this? I'm sure you knew I snatched one but you didn't say anything. Years later we shared our first beer together and it reminded me of the scene from "Vacation" where Chevy Chase shares his beer with his son. I felt badass old man. Thank you for always treating me like an adult and being tough on me.  Despite the hard ass in you there is a fun fool that comes out every now and then. This is why I used the picture of Tio Fernando, Tio Joe, and yourself. The sense of humor here is what I dig the most. It's not always out in the open but when it emerges it's contagious. Thank you once again for being you. Thank you for being my father.