From the bottom of my heart

A father's tale, may the cloth be with you.I would like to take this time to thank all the moms out there who responded to my post where I asked for help and advice on CD'ing. Your information and knowledge in this area is greatly appreciated. I didn't realize there was so much information out there about CD'ing. The internet is full of information but I like the first hand knowledge. It's honest and I can trust the information because it's coming from someone who has experienced it. Between EcoBuns and you, the readers who responded to me, I feel comfortable and sure of the decision that my wife Rebecca and I are making. Thank you again for the kind words and helpful advice. I know I will have more questions in the future and especially around September 1st when Lola is born. The stories will become more frequent as I document my experience with cloth diapers so stay tuned. Coming up fairly soon though is a giveaway brought to you and part by Jabber Log and EcoBuns. I will be posting up the specifics within the next few days so keep reading and tell your friends. May the cloth be with you. (I know its dorky but I like saying it. 8)