A fond memory

Today is a sad day. One of my favorite wrestlers of all time has passed. The Macho Man Randy Savage is a Legend and is one of the greatest of all time. The Macho Man had many great matches during his career and one of them was even dubbed the greatest of all time when he fought Ricky The Dragon Steamboat at WrestleMania III. The most memorable match for myself would have to be WrestleMania VII. The Macho King, accompanied by his Queen Sherry, wrestled The Ultimate Warrior in a career ending match. As I type and watch this match it takes me back to my living room where I sat at age ten with some Cheetos, a can of pop, and my little bro watching and hoping that the Macho King would win. I remember getting excited as the camera flashed a glimpse of Ms. Elizabeth. I wondered if she would play a role in the match. As the battle went on and Macho Man gave the performance of his life to save his career, Queen Sherry would intervene to help him out. But like any match, the manager who helps by cheating will mess up sooner or later. At one point Queen Sherry tries to hit The Ultimate Warrior with her heel but misses and hits Macho Man. He recovers and takes it to his opponent.

The battle goes back and forth but in the end the Ultimate Warrior won and ended Macho Man's career. An upset Queen Sherry gets into the ring and attacks Macho Man. This is the beginning of the moment I will always remember. Ms. Elizabeth comes to the aid of The Macho Man and the crowd cheers. That moment proves true then as it does now because it was not a sad ending. It was a moment to cheer and give thanks. The cameras showed glimpses of fans crying, clapping, and you could hear them chant his name. Whether it's fake or not it's about the performance and the entertainment. You are now on the biggest stage to continue your grand performances. Thank you Macho Man for all the memories. R.I.P. brother! OOOO, Yeah!!!

Retirement Match (Skip to 29:00)