Now that's Mom-tastic!

Jabber Log would like to send a shout out to all the mom's in the world. We love you very much and thank you for taking all that we give you. No doubt you have all been puked on, pooped on, and simply babied us when you deserved it more than we did. You put others before yourself and you don't always get all the credit but that is what makes you the best. Speaking as myself now and not just an entity, I would like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my Mom Gloria, my Grandmother's Manuela and Consuelo, and my Mother in Law Teri. To the ladies pictured here; you are the greatest and speaking for myself, Ryan, and Chad, we love you very much and you are going to be great mom's. All three of you are glowing and we dig that! In a few months when you are doing the hard work you can have a sigh of relief knowing that we are there to back you up...and possibly passing out or running around freaking out because we don't know what to do to make the pain any easier. Cheers!