UFC with a side of Dave

Two nights ago I had the pleasure of spending some time at the residence of Dave Rich. He and his wife hosted an excellent UFC party. I had arrived late but was able to witness the last two matches that made up UFC 129 St-Pierre vs. Shields. My buddy Adam and I were greeted with open arms once it was confirmed that this was indeed the home of Dave Rich. We had walked in hearing, "who's that?" but were promptly given a frosty one after our greeting. The last couple rounds of the Aldo vs. Hominick match were brutal. I had arrived just in time to see Hominick take a shot that would leave the right side of forehead swollen. It grew to the size of a baseball as the fight went on and it looked like he may pull out a win but in the end Aldo received the decision. It was time for GSP vs. Shields and the room filled up the man-cave of Dave Rich. From the beginning of the match to the end when the decision was made, the chants for GSP were made. A few Shields fans were there as well but their comments of, "GSP is scared" were immediately silenced by the majority. The fights were excellent and I met a lot of people who were from an MMA background. I got to see how they put in work after the matches down in the man-cave and after witnessing it first hand, I might just give it a try...might being the key word here. Thank you very much to the host for a great time and good company.