Hi-oooo for Cinco de Mayo!

Greetings com padres! Cinco de Mayo is coming up in about a week and it's time to figure out what to do. I am sure that I will be going out to the local mill for some drinks and maybe even destroy some fajitas, but before this I need to explore some of the locals mills to see who has the best prices and food. Over the next few days I will be hitting some spots to see who has what I am looking for and I will report back so that you too can enjoy this holiday. If you happen to have any recommendations send them my way and I will check it out. When the fifth hits and you are out celebrating and someone asks you what the big deal is about this day, what are you going to say?

"I'm celebrating Mexico's Independence Day!"

Um...no! Don't be a pendejo! Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army's victory over French forces at The Battle of Puebla on May 5th 1862. Mexico's Independence occurred about forty years prior around September 27, 1821. If you didn't know before you do now. Don't forget to respond with some good places for drinks and food. When the day comes I will be out and about and will return with pictures to boot.