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National Exposure Sponsorship


This sponsorship is specific to national APCO, IAED and or NENA. Each year these organizations put on a national conference with thousands of attendees and hundreds of industry partners showing off what’s new from their company. Many episodes are recorded during this time. The exposure and popularity during this time is very high. When recording at the national conference the point is to make people who couldn’t go feel like they are experiencing it through the attendees.

They not only learn about the attendee through their 9-1- 1 story but they learn about the sessions the conference offers along with industry partners like you. There is an added bonus for company or organization exposure through the use of Facebook Live. I will do a live cast showing my Facebook audience of 47k+ around the expo hall and mentioning you as the sponsor during that specific show and urge them to check you out on your website as well as your social media links. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • 15 and 30 second promo
  • Logo & company or organization info added to sponsor page
  • Social media shares throughout WTT social media
  • Company or organization spotlight in blog post as a conference sponsor
  • Mention at the beginning and end of each episode
  • Website added to blog post of each episode
  • Social media links added to post of that episode
  • Facebook Live video each day of the expo promoting your company or organization
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